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In Battle For SSD Benefits, Applicants Require Assistance

For Americans suffering from debilitating disabilities, Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits may be the only hope of staying afloat when medical conditions turn employment into an impossibility. Despite their necessity for an increasing number of individuals in the United States, the Social Security Administration (SSA) continues to clamp down on allotment of such benefits. While the danger of fraud and abuse is no doubt ever present, innocent applicants often find themselves the victims of a system in which they are treated with intense, unwarranted suspicion. 

Winning the battle 

Even SSD cases that were previously considered slam dunks are now being denied by the SSA. In a recent example, the SSA fought tooth-and-nail with an applicant suffering from Huntington’s disease, a condition that causes severe tremors and confusion and is frequently fatal. While the applicant demonstrated that he was plagued with an incapacitating neurological disorder, he was only awarded the benefits to which he was entitled after his federal appeal was successful. This case unfortunately does not represent an anomaly, as the administrative law judges charged with gatekeeping functions are leaving a growing number of claimants with federal appeals as their only option. 

Don’t let strict guidelines deter you

Regardless of attempts on behalf of the SSA to limit benefits, those with valid claims have a right under the law to receive assistance. Demonstrating eligibility for SSD benefits, however, is not a simple process. Generally, it involves demonstrating a disability as defined by the SSA that:

  • Completely prevents an individual from working in their pre-injury capacity
  • Obviates the possibility of adjusting to new work
  • Has lasted or is expected to last for at least one year, or is expected to result in death 

Lawyers with specific experience in SSD cases know how to present the proper medical evidence in a manner that demonstrates that applicants meet the requisite statutory criteria. Legal counsel can also assist applicants with the very real prospect of appeals, which are required in over half of SSD applications. 

If you require SSD benefits, don’t face the daunting application process alone. Contact the caring attorneys at Jeffs & Jeffs, P.C. to guide you through every step of the process.

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