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Respected Land Use and Zoning Attorneys Serving Utah County

Confidently advising clients on real estate matters in Provo

Whether you are purchasing, modifying, developing or renovating a piece of property, it is important that you understand the zoning and land-use regulations in Utah. Having more than 175 years of combined experience, we at Jeffs & Jeffs, P.C. can quickly and competently assess your case and provide you with sound advice. Our law firm has developed a well-earned reputation throughout the area for delivering high-quality legal service.

Zoning issues

Local zoning laws in Provo are aggressively enforced. As a result, you should consult with a knowledgeable attorney before making changes to a piece of property. At Jeffs & Jeffs, P.C., our lawyers have decades of experience assisting clients with the following types of land use issues:

  • Building setbacks
  • Special use permits
  • Use of green space
  • Height and density
  • Parking restrictions
  • Use restrictions
  • Deed restrictions
  • Noise restrictions

Whether you require help with a residential or commercial zoning matter, our experienced lawyers can offer you skilled guidance. We have a deep understanding of the zoning codes in Orem, Provo and throughout Utah County and can promptly assess your case and provide you with trustworthy counsel on how to move forward.

Provo zoning law violations

Prior to a residential or commercial real estate or land transaction, it is in your best interest to retain the counsel of skilled Provo lawyers. If you own or recently purchased a piece of property, you may be unaware of any zoning or land-use violations. If you discover a violation, you may be able to remedy the condition in two ways. First, is it possible for you to easily and cost-effectively correct the issue causing the violation? If not, and if you’ve recently made a major land or building alteration, you can file a variance. A variance is a deviation from the rules and regulations governing land use. Variances are granted to individuals who can show that current land residents will not be affected and the value of the property will not be lessened.

Proudly assisting clients in Utah County

Zoning codes and land-use regulations can be extremely complex. At Jeffs & Jeffs, P.C., we can review your unique situation and explain these laws to you in an easy-to-understand manner. To speak to one of our experienced attorneys, please contact us today by phone at 801-373-8848 or via our online form. We have flexible hours, free parking and are located two blocks from the Provo courthouse and one block from the new Latter-Day Saints Historic Provo Temple.